About Us

About Us...and how the South Pacific Jam Company was birthed.

It's time to disrupt jams. Sure we all love a good dollop of strawberry, apricot and raspberry jam but let’s face it, we turn a blind eye to the high refined sugar content that comes with each delicious mouthful. 

In these times of innovation, we can do much better than filling up a jar of jam with refined sugar and soaking it in fruit syrup, artificial colouring and flavourings. 

We have reclaimed jam with our special recipes as a wholesome spread and revved up the taste buds with new tropical fruit hacks that are off the charts delicious. We up-source our fruit (including organic) and use ethically sourced South Pacific unrefined coconut sugar and infuse all our jams with LOVE and MCT, the good oil from coconuts that support brain function to 'calm' the jam down and help reduce fructose spikes. 

Our jams contain trace amounts of vitamin, C, potassium magnesium phosphorous and vitamin B, low GI. 

We have used original recipes from the South Pacific as our base, inspired when founders Susie Cameron and Catherine Stace used to devour banana jam slathered on thick bread and butter, made by Susie’s mum - our 'Lady Di', made exactly the same way as when they lived in the Solomon Islands. 

Catherine also delighted in tropical jams and yam recipes when she was in Vanuatu spending time with the women of Mele village. 

Percentage goes back to support South Pacific women and children. 


Pictured below Lto R: Catherine Stace, Dianne Cameron, Our Lady Di,and Susie Cameron

Susie Cameron

From working with Banana's in Pyjama's when at the ABC many years ago, to being Banana jam's greatest fan, Susie's banana bending entrepreneurial and creative drive makes her adept in rapidly changing environments, such as scaling a banana jam brand.

Susie is an accomplished author, disruptor, communicator, creator, co-collaborator and mother to 2 teenage boys.

Entrepreneurial by nature, Susie has over 20 years experience at a senior level across industries, corporate and not for profit. Her expertise is in communications, marketing, digital marketing, business and brand development, developing strategies and campaigns across integrated platforms.

Her passion for wellness and nutrition has led to the creation of her two other businesses. Susie is also co-founder of the Energy Coaching Institute and Bhavana Organic Farm and Cooking School.  

Catherine Stace

Food entrepreneur, change Agent, health advocate, Co-Founder SW/TCH Festival and Keynote Speaker. Catherine has more than 30 years’ experience in the corporate and not-for- profit sectors. Her expertise is in developing disruptive change strategies and leading the business growth across reputation, revenue and relationships.

She is a citizen scientist who has written scientific papers in collaboration with leading scientists in neuro inflammation on the brain/biome axis and the role of pathogens in systemic cancers and mystery diseases. Because of this new body of research, Catherine is fiercely committed to providing the mass consumer with functional foods as a societal transition tool that supports the brain/biome systems.

Catherine is mother to two gorgeous boys, is a board member of Tomorrow Makers, and is an advisor to yoga platform Rise as One and the Lyme Disease Association of Australia.

Social Enterprise

Our burning goal is to establish manufacturing hub and nodes in the South Pacific region, and create more employment opportunities for locals. We will also train and educate youth and connect manufacturing experts from Australia to help upskill people living in the South Pacific region. This will contribute to the local economy and provide socio/economic benefits to more people in the region. We also aim to teach the many benefits and opportunities of the South Pacific assets, support business ideas and share in storytelling and connection as a way of clearing and healing the past, to enable a radiant future to emerge.

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