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The South Pacific Jam Company

We aim to reclaim jam as a wholesome spread and rev up the taste buds with new tropical fruit hacks that are off the charts delicious. We use organic coconut sugar and infuse the jam with MCT, the good oil for brain development in our special recipes.

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Breakfast condiment only? Think again

The beauty of the South Pacific Jam range is that is is so deliciously versatile. They are so much more than a breakfast condiment!

Our multi purpose jams are used to:

Dollop on porridge, make your own fruit yoghurt using plain yoghurt, add to smoothies, ice cream, glaze a ham, roast lamb, curries, sausages, on a cheese platter, divine on grilled halloumi and of course on pancakes, fresh sourdough bread or toast or scones!

There is no limit to what you can create by making your own jam hacks!

Social Enterprise

About Us

The South Pacific Jam Company is a passion project with social enterprise at the heart of what we are creating. We're excited to be creating something really special, based on family recipes and time living in the Solomon Islands.

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